Acupuncture for Healing Torn Ligaments

Acupuncture is the practice of strategically inserting thin needles into the skin which is believed to rebalance energy flow. Our acupuncturist in Clifton, NJ at Shore Points Wellness may ask you a range of questions varying from your symptoms and behaviors to your lifestyle. We may also examine parts of your body that are causing pain; the shape, coating, and color of your tongue; face color; and strength, rhythm, and quality of your wrist pulse. Single-complaint treatments usually last half-an-hour with one to two weekly appointments depending on the condition and severity. Generally, a patient will receive between six and eight treatments total.


What can acupuncture do for torn ligaments?

Depending on the severity of your torn ligament, acupuncture can effectively speed healing which may prevent the need for any potential surgery(s). Typically, “RICE” is used to reduce swelling and pain from the injury.


However, in Chinese medicine, where acupuncture stems from, ice and compression are taken into a different perspective. Ice is rarely used within the first 24 hours of an acute injury, as it constricts blood vessels and stops blood flow which slows healing and may lead to long-term pain, even arthritis. Compression, mainly in the form of a bandage wrapped around the injury, also slows blood flow which in turn slows the healing process, which is what acupuncture aims to avoid.


This Western method may also disrupt the flow of “Qi” — pronounced “chi” — which is vital energy that runs through our blood. Trauma can block this flow causing an injury to become chronic or recurrent. Our acupuncturist in Clifton, NJ, can help you determine if this is the appropriate approach for your injury.


In more severe cases than a torn ligament, x-rays, and MRIs are important for ruling out ruptures, but acupuncture can certainly speed healing. If surgery is the answer for a torn ligament, acupuncture is a good form of therapy which can lead to a speedy recovery.

Acupuncture can offer benefits for your recovery from a torn ligaments through a variety of different treatments:


  • Release of endorphins – acupuncture can decrease the pain you feel following an injury by releasing pain-relieving hormones, known as endorphins, throughout your body.


  • Increase blood flow – by an acupuncturist pin-pointing different parts of the body, they can release any pressure your body has and can increase blood flow to that area. As a result, this can decrease inflammation and swelling in the body.


  • Decrease pain post-operation – because of the increase blood flow and pressure relief, acupuncture can also reduce any pain you feel following an injury, while also bringing you back lost range of motion and increasing your recovery time.


Acupuncture may just be the solution you’ve been looking for. Heal your torn ligament safely with this form of Chinese medicine and reduce the need for surgery. You may even find it works best in conjunction with Western medicine. Contact our acupuncturist in Clifton, NJ, for any questions regarding this medical practice.