How Do I Treat My Sprained Knee?

Do you have pain in your knee and are thinking to yourself, “Now what?” Do not fret; there are many options for treating a sprained knee. First off, you should see a doctor. A doctor can help you assess the severity of your knee injury. Knee injuries are treated according to the damage done to the ligament. At Shore Points Wellness, our physical therapy in Piscataway can provide assistance regarding treatment options according to the grade level of severity.


A doctor will assess whether your injury is a Grade I, II, or III:


  • Grade I – This is a mild injury where the ligament is mildly damaged. The overall ability of the knee is not in jeopardy and will be stable enough to support your weight.


  • Grade II – This is considered a moderate injury where the ligament is loose. There may be some instability when walking or standing.


  • Grade III – This is a severe injury where the ligament is completely, or almost completely torn. This results in the total instability of the joint.


Treatments Based on Grade Level Injury

Grade I and Grade II injuries are less severe than Grade III. These injuries can be treated with:


  • Rest – Avoid putting weight on the knee and steer clear of physical activities.
  • Ice – Ice your knee to reduce swelling.
  • Compression – To control swelling, put an elastic bandage or sleeve around your knee
  • Elevation – Elevate your knee while sitting or laying
  • Wear a knee brace – Wear a knee brace to stabilize your knee
  • Take anti-inflammatory drugs – Take anti-inflammatory over the counter drugs as directed to reduce swelling and ease the pain


Once your knee pain has subsided, ask your doctor if you can start a rehabilitation program such as physical therapy. Physical therapy in Piscataway can help rebuild the strength of the muscles around your knee, as well as stabilize the knee.


Grade III injuries are considered the most severe injuries of the knee. These injuries can be treated with the above treatments listed and in most cases, further treatments will be necessary such as surgery.

Be sure to contact Shore Points Wellness for the best physical therapy in Piscataway. A physical therapist will help guide you through stretching and strengthening exercises to rebuild your knee so you can get back to enjoying your daily activities pain-free.